Dairy free/ Vegan milk alternatives 🐄

🐰 Cruelty Free Chloe-Marie🐰

One of the first changes into veganism that I made was the milk I used in cooking/ drank. Now let me tell you that I used to LOVE milk and I couldn’t imagine my life without milk or cheese or any sort of dairy so I knew this wouldn’t be easy for me.

I found it quite a challenge to find a milk that I like here are just a picture of the 3 alternatives that I have in my house currently: hazelnut milk, soya unsweetened and coconut milk


I ran out of my normal one which is the Alpro almond which is usually my favourite but I decoded to try the Hazelnut one again! At the beginning I couldn’t stand any of these, but giving each one a chance is important and even retrying them! I have also tried unsweetened soya, oat milk, rice milk and hemp milk!


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