OOTD 9/7/15 + The Body Shop Purchases~


The Body Shop mascara
The Body Shop black eyeliner
The Body Shop Hemp Lip Conditioner
NYX Iced Lavender lipstick
Lush Vanillary Gorilla Perfume
Red pentagram engraved stone prism necklace thing from themagicones.co.uk
Extra Large The X Files tshirt I got from eBay with another X files tshirt Pentacle pentagram ring from themagicones.co.uk on my right middle finger and Crescent moon ring on my left hand middle finger from themagicones.co.uk

Vegan leather lace leggings from China xD

Vegan leather jacket from depop

On My Feet:

Limited Edition The Joker Converse

Wore something a little different today yay


And The Body Shop Purchases:


Banana Shampoo 250ml £4.50
Banana Conditioner 250ml £4.50
Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes £5.00
Blue Nail Polish 6.8ml £5.00
Aleo Vera Roll On Deodorant 50ml £4.00
Satsuma Hand Cleanse Gel 60ml £2.50
Mango Hand Cleanse Gel 60ml £2.50
Strawberry Hand Cleanse Gel 60ml £2.50
Total: £30.50
The Body Shop Card Discount: 10% off!
3 for 2 on Hand Cleanser Gels
Total Savings: £5.30
Balance: £25.20





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