Bought some sexy stuff to make me feel better about myself and it hasn’t even come yet and I already feel shit about myself yay
#disorderproblems #bodydysmorphicdisorderproblems
Blah blah blah
Probably going to spend the day signing and sharing animal petitions and sharing them on twitter etc
Feel free to add me on Facebook if you’re interested in that sort of thing.
I guess I should share my page and group links also
It’s easy and free and only takes a second! 🙂
Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
And obviously;
thed4rkestrose Facebook Page:
Taking your antidepressant meds with McDonald’s coke cuz yolo
Bored bored bored bored
Thinking about making a thed4rkestrose facebook group to share roses and things, not too sure yet though I have like 17 facebook pages and like 7 facebook groups I run already..
Yes I like to make things complicated for myself
Also feel like watching a YouTube documentary, not sure what about yet..
It’ll probably be about serial killers or serial rapists or something
I’m not weird
Okay yes I am



🌹If there’s a rose you’d like us to share feel free to post it on our page! 🙂 🍁
👽Be positive and have sweetdreams🌌
~ thed4rkestrose
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Any amount is unbelievably appreciated!
Could you do me a big favour? 🙂
I’m getting really into help saving animals to help my anxiety and so I’m sharing my pages and link around etc and I thought you may be interested in helping also 🙂
It’s easy and free and only takes a second! 🙂


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