Emergency Tweetstorm: Save Denali Wolves


Tweetstorm for Denali National Park Wolves, Wednesday, August 5th 3:00 p.m., eastern time.
Please do not begin to send off these tweets until designated time.
Thankyou for your support.

1. Denali wolf population declined from 143 in 2007 to just 48 in 2015. Reinstate emergency buffer zone #ProtectDenaliWolves  @AKGovBillWalker

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2. Denali Park & Preserve’s wolf numbers hit new low this spring with estimated population of 48 wolves. #ProtectDenaliWolves @AKGovBillWalker

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3. #ProtectDenaliWolves #StandForWolves Please sign the petition: goo.gl/MD1pdq

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4. Restore Denali wolf buffer. Please sign the petition from Denali Citizens Council #ProtectDenaliWolves  goo.gl/p0ncnu

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5.#ProtectDenaliWolves Sign the petition from Marybeth Holleman – Coauthor of Among Wolves, Anchorage, AK goo.gl/K1DmcP

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6. Re-establish a buffer zone to ban wolf hunting & trapping on state land adjacent to the park. #ProtectDenaliWolves @AKGovBillWalker @Alaska

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7. #ProtectDenaliWolves Shame on Alaska Board of Game 4 rejecting petitions 2 re-establish wolf…

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