so adorable om

Knitting & Quinces

(I have been waiting months to make that pun. Months.)

The story of what I’m about to show you begins with me suddenly waking up from a nap, demanding to know exactly how awesome it would be if the world contained mittens that were also dalek handpuppets.


The answer is: significantly more awesome than it was six weeks ago.

So, in what is really a lesson in why I need to be kept occupied at all times, I set about designing a pair of dalek mittens. They had to include all of the essential dalek characteristics, plus be snuggly enough to stand up to a Danish winter.

i are good at paint

That reads (clockwise from top left): head lamp, evil, eye stalk, grilles, weapon arms and lumps. I am better at daleks than I am at Paint.

I dropped by Uldstedet, my yarn shop of choice, and picked up whatever I could find…

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