First-hand account of what it’s like to suffer from BDD.

Stop Dissing Male Dysmorphia

American news website Vox published an article yesterday that offers its readers a harrowing firsthand account of what its like to live, and suffer, from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. It’s compelling and heartbreaking, and I strongly recommend you all read through it at least once. In it, writer and journalist John Paul Brammer delves into his personal struggle with BDD, and provides a comprehensive breakdown of the mental condition.

It’s not a pleasant read. It’s not an easy read.

It’s a necessary read.

The main reason why mental illnesses are so often misunderstood and trivialised is because its most debilitating effects have no visible manifestation. You wouldn’t be able to pick a mental patient out of a crowd because most of the time, they look or behave no differently. Much of their struggles stem from within their mind, which is in constant turmoil due to being constantly assailed from their illness.

“For a person with BDD, each…

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