‘But there’s nothing wrong with you’

🐰 Cruelty Free Chloe-Marie🐰

This post is mainly aimed at people who don’t understand mental illness. Just because you can’t see that there’s something wrong doesn’t mean there isn’t, if you see that I’ve fallen over and cut myself would you say I haven’t? If I say I have a headache you would 90% say you believe me. But if  I tell you that I have a mental disorder you’d tell me no you don’t, you’re always happy and not on meds, you’d say but its not serious is it? Like it can’t be seen so it’s not hurting.

Only people who have or have had a mental illness have the right to say that their condition doesn’t hurt them, or it’s not serious but hay guess what the likely fucking chance is that it is serious, and yes it hurts like hell in a way you’d never understand and trust me you don’t…

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