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Doctor Who: The Zygon Invasion (Review)

the m0vie blog

“Why don’t you wear them anymore?”

“Oh, I do. I have question mark underwear.”

– Osgood and the Doctor discuss questionable fashion

Doctor Who has never been the most subtle of shows.

The fourth episode of the show, Aliens of London, proceeded to brutally murder Tony Blair and shove his body into a closet in Downing Street. Just in case the show’s politics weren’t clear enough, The Sound of Drums went on to have the Master model himself on some evil hybrid of the Tenth Doctor and Tony Blair while engaged in a crazy scheme to conquer the world. He took great care to execute the President of the United States (or “President Elect”) in the process.

Invasion of the body doubles! Invasion of the body doubles!

Even the classic show was prone of moments of grand political pantomime. The Sylvester McCoy era had great fun skewering Thatcherism with stories like Paradise Towers

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