#americanmcgeesalicefc: Here’s the newest update: “Ahoy Insane Children! A large component of my pitch to EA revolves around the idea that the Alice license should result in the creation of tons of physical goods – collector game boxes, toys, jewelry, clothing, etc. This was always my desire – going back to the “invention” of the franchise… but something I wasn’t able to fully execute on because various portions of the IP were being controlled by different parties. This time around I hope to capture full control of the license and IP – making it possible to coordinate the production of game, physical goods, book, film, and more. I’ve recently teamed up Alex and Joey so they can collaborate on product mock-ups for Asylum physical goods. Alex is really great at design/layout of logos, presentations, books, etc. Joey does really excellent “organic art” – characters, locations, etc. So I’ve asked Alex to work on logo treatments and box designs while Joey focuses on the physical goods contained within those boxes. The logo above is Alex’s work. Wonderful stuff! And Joey’s starting work on physical goods… like collector toys which will be contained within the game box. It’ll be interesting to see the sorts of fantastic products these two are able to create together. What do you think? Logo working for you? Want to get your hands on a little mini-Hatter toy? Leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.” https://ift.tt/2GmGags https://ift.tt/2GG5ltM https://ift.tt/2uRU3Ok https://ift.tt/2GIIx9H https://ift.tt/2rjHcj1