Blend my bones and bind my heart.
Crush me till there’s nothing left and drink up the remaining shell that I’ve become.
The soul in which I’m desperately trying to hang onto is once again out of my grasp and in your hands.


So my dads told me my grandma in hospital with cancer could go any day now so we’re going to see her..
Why does it feel like the world is crashing all around me

There’s such a sad love, deep in your eyes.
A kind of pale jewel, opened and closed within you eyes.
I’ll place the sky, within your eyes.
There’s such a fooled heart, beating so fast in search of new dreams.
A love that will last, within your heart.
I’ll place the moon, within your heart.
As the pain sweeps through, makes no sense for you.
Every thrill is gone.
Wasn’t too much fun at all,
But I’ll be there for you,
As the world falls down.

Falling, falling down. Falling in love.

👽Be positive and have sweetdreams🌌
~ thed4rkestrose
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Don’t care if i look stupid now, Rest of my life must follow somehow..

Can’t Get Over How Beautiful This Song Is

Lyrics: (because i think they’re beautiful)

someone says i’m screamin’ when i’m not
reminds me that percievin’s all we’ve got
this parking lot is beautiful tonight
and you’re the one that realized in my life

don’t care if i look stupid now
rest of my life must follow somehow

drive nowhere for no reason in this town
cause that’s the only reason we’ve all found
pull over move your body as you should
always relive the moment if i could


falling to save me
and i know, something amazed me
(still i try)
hold onto me, and again
know i’m fine

see i’m alone forgive me
and there’s nothing left in town believe me
i won’t go quiet if you fade away from me

and i feel dumb presenting my all overdone soft verse collection
but these cliches with make me stay awake
and i want to write them down tonight


don’t care if i look stupid