Manic. ✿

🐰 Cruelty Free Chloe-Marie🐰

So my ‘normal’ mood is feeling like utter shit but showing everyone that I’m fine because if I didn’t they would all worry and stuff, so I just smile and pretend like I’m okay. But the past few days my moods have just been more intense with sadness, apart from one episode of manic behaviour last night, that was great while it lasted but you know there’s always going to be that horrible mood after.

I’m sleeping more than usual which sucks, I hate sleeping, I hate the nightmares, but then I also hate being awake, I hate everyday. The same thing, just on a daily/weekly pattern. I should go to the doctors about this but I just can’t bring myself to do it. They wont listen, it wont ever get better. It hasn’t for 5/6 years so what makes me think i’ll ever get help.

Sorry about the…

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