Baby boom

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There has been a lot of activity recently at Whipsnade with lots of new little stars being born.

I really like going round the zoo and meeting all the new little ones and it’s really exciting to see them grow up over the months.

To have a baby boy Pygmy hippo at the zoo is just incredible. These little guys are really rare – and very cute. I managed to grab a photo of Ziama soon after he was born.


This was taken in early January. The light inside the hippo house isn’t great but you can see just how small he was. I visited on Saturday 2nd May and got the below picture. You can see his growth in those 5 months!


I’m my last blog I posted a photo of a new born Mara


On Saturday I was lucky enough to see how this little one has grown…

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Watching Something That Makes You Uncomfortable

As an ex cutter (aka self harm) I find watching people being inflicted with physical pain extremely hard to watch. But I don’t like to let myself of that easily and so I watch a documentary about permanent markings on others in different parts of the world.
It sets of triggers in my brain watching razor blades and knives cutting bodies inflicting pain, yet I’m too fascinating not to watch. I like to make life hard for myself.

Be positive and have sweetdreams ~ thed4rkestrose