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👽 Be positive and have sweet dreams 🌌
– thed4rkestrose

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Blend my bones and bind my heart.
Crush me till there’s nothing left and drink up the remaining shell that I’ve become.
The soul in which I’m desperately trying to hang onto is once again out of my grasp and in your hands.


I could hear the sound. The sound was me breaking. I cried because he had lived, because he had died. I was shattered. I was saved. I only knew the girl I was, was gone. He was right. No good could come from loving a mortal. They can’t survive our world. Get out, go Ethan. Claim yourself, in defiance, in hope, in love, in fury, in gratitude. Claim the light. Claim the dark, Claim it all. Nothing can stay.

Lena Duchannes, Beautiful Creatures.

I literally spend all my time obsessing over The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen..
Is that healthy?
Probably not.
Am I insane anyway?
Pretty much.



What a shame we all became,
such fragile broken things.
A memory remains,
just a tiny spark.


👽Be positive and have sweetdreams🌌
~ thed4rkestrose
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